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ath_winter_lord's Journal

I don't actually like having to write my own stories, but nobody else does. Left to write the stories I like to read myself (with characters I like), I want the writing itself (the words used to tell the story) to be good too. Sadly, it's not really, at least in part. Thus the interest, to find out how to do it better.

There are no new "simple offline turn-based trade games" (LifeJournal wouldn't let me add the 'offline' - too many words). Go ahead and prove me wrong.

Most of the interest-list is things I do and do not want to read about.

If you're a lesbian and think you're in a happy romantic relationship, fine, I just don't want to know about that schmaltz, or relationships between not just one+opposite sex, but two of that weird species I can so not relate to at all (women).

If you're a married guy out to share pictures of what you think is the cutest baby in the world, I don't want to see them. I disagree with that notion on several levels, only one of them being that I think all babies are ugly, and am also of the opinion that it would be rude to tell parents that theirs is no different. So don't be rude and press them on me (I'm busy evading to comment on my sister's fresh offspring).

And so on...

The rest of the 'no...' is stuff I oppose. (Well, I oppose any of it entering my life, but what other people do is their business, they don't need me to like it.)

So if you're an idiot racist (redundant, I know), go away. I already know that you don't have the brain to understand how wrong you are. Same goes for religious nuts. (For the less fanatic: just don't tell me about your visit to the [insert house of worship of your primitive superstition].)

We can talk about writing stories.

Mine match the interests-list pretty well, with some exceptions. One story is somewhat heavy on guy-interested-in-other-guy (no romance, and that's not what the story is about, it's just that the three main male characters all end up with a boyfriend sooner or later), and at some late point I thought it only fair to insert a girl-interested-in-other-girl. Because the society is such that they don't even have words for gay or lesbian (neither could be applied for the implications both words drag into it, too), and one part of that had been unfairly neglected.

Intimate relationships is another thing I wouldn't want in my life but is in the stories. They're mostly on different worlds, where things, People, are different. (I just don't believe in that stuff in the real world, with real people.)

I guess that's also why the characters' opinions on kids don't match mine. They're made up worlds, not reality. (And I have no idea where all the kids come from! But they're nice, easy, and/or had something horrible happen to them as part of the nasty things going on in the stories.) Oh, and just to be clear: the main characters are all proper adults. (With only a few rare scenes from viewpoints in their teens even.)

There's also some non-detailed sex. But that's the characters, not involving me physically.

Or we can talk about cats. Funny anecdotes, mind, or success at befriending or rescuing the less fortunate. No anthropomorphising, no unhappy-end stories. And don't tell me you bred more while the animal shelters are still full.
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