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Writer's Block: It's too warm outside already.
I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

Well, I can only be certain about absolute zero. That sounds a little chilly even for me. Better ask me what's too warm. 15 degrees Celsius is just about acceptable (-5 to +15 is my prefered range). +20 and I complain, +25; I'm whining almost constantly. +30 and more; I've melted and am but a puddle on the floor.

With cold, I can put on clothes (with lots of handy pockets), with warmth, there's only so much to take off and it's still way too hot.

I like snow. Rain is ok.

Wind is a different matter. Anything but a light breeze (around 5km per hour) is a bad idea. -9C without wind is fine (-20C would be), 0C with wind is unpleasant, and even in heat it doesn't help, only messes up my flat when both south and north windows are open. If they stay open (another annoyance with wind; they tend not to).

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Humidity determines comfort for me at least as much as temperature. 90 degrees and low humidity is perfectly comfortable (that's what nailed me with dehydration at Lackland AFB back in the day; didn't realize just how much I was actually sweating). 85 degrees and 90+% humidity is miserable.

In general, I prefer being slightly warm to being too cold. It takes FOREVER to warm back up, my fingers get stiff, I get slow, stupid, and sluggish like a lizard when I'm cold.

That humidity is supposed to make a difference doesn't work for me. My flat is notoriously dry (and dusty), regardless of humidity outside. (My nose doesn't like that at all.)

Even outside, I don't actually notice it being particularly humid (when weather says it's got a high percentage, as in around 90%), only HOT HOT HOT, Too HOT. What's 'humid' is me melting into a sorry puddle (matching your description of slow, stupid, and sluggish). A half-liter bottle filled with frozen tap water, melting to drinkable (as well as wetting wrists and face) on the way to the dentist (by bicycle) just isn't right.

IIRC, humidity was pretty high in winter, too.

For stiff fingers, there's this invention called gloves (and indoors; heating). ;P

Coming inside from cold winter outside, I am first too warm. The heating (turned to low - not off - while I'm gone) only needs turning back up after a while. Being able to regulate how warm it is is the good thing in winter. I like it comfortable. In summer, I just keep complaining that someone please turn the heating off (which of course doesn't work).

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