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LJ just removed some entries from the inbox that I'd deliberately kept there. And no way to get them back (normally, going back to a previous state (page) would even bring back entries that I'd accidentally deleted, but these, not deleted at all, are gone as if they had never existed).

So, awkward to communicate, near useless for keeping track of a conversation, and now impossible to keep entries from being lost.

What was the point of this thing again?

Over the last days were several things that I thought of posting, but couldn't be bothered. This is just the last drop.

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(Deleted comment)
Will try the memory thing, thanks.

I do use the 'track' function, that's how I get the notifications in my inbox. (Where I delete most after I read them, but some I wanted to keep.)

I don't want everything sent to an email adress that I only used for the confirmation link (it's the one provided by my ISP, but it's online and thus awkward for anything except clicking on links). Needing to check that would make things even MORE awkward to keep track of than it is already. (Why does anyone even bother with this for conversations when there's Usenet?)

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