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What to eat?
what now
So, what's for dinner/supper/tea?

Some stuff for the frying pan (bought as is, has potatos, some vegs, and tiny flat fried ground meat things - I have meatballs to add more)?

Chicken breast with brussels sprouts?

Kale (with smoked ground meat sausages)?

Pizza? (Just needs some extra cheese - I doubt what's left from the last one is still good - but I'll have to go out and buy sugar anyway.)

The only other thing I've got is one more portion/pot of the Stew Where I Forgot The Cabbage (still nice though), and I had the next-to-last portion the last two or three days.

I guess this offers itself to be turned into a poll. (I like polls.) Only question remains, how do I insert that into this post?


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