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Random thoughts.
No food yet (unless you count coffee, which sates quite well for a while), but it'll be the remnants of the kale I made earlier this week (see below), if it's still good. If not, it'll be chicken breast with brussel's sprouts. (Yum.) So, I'm back to something resembling almost real cooking now. :)

Snow! Finally! Must be around an inch by now, and it still snows. Whohoo!

Had another appointment today, and went by tram again. Which meant _I_ turned into a pack mule on the way back (rather than my bicycle, which I fondly call that) when, after getting some money from the cash machine (would you believe the door to it was locked yesterday afternoon!), I did some shopping for groceries.

Lucky me thought to buy coffee (I wasn't sure how much I had left, only that I was on the last pack), as brewing up just now emptied the last pack. :)

Also got some chicken breast (unfortunately I couldn't find the sort with skin and bone still attached), as well as frozen vegs for the freezer (fresh just is no good for 1 person household, unless it ends up in the shiny new 12l stew pot), and more kale.

I like kale. Sadly, the nearest grocery store doesn't have any (said they'll get some later in the year, which I can understand looking at how much they squeeze into the available space, every can counts!), so I only had one can that I dumped into the pot with onions and some smoked-ground-meat-sausages.

Next day I put the pot on the cooker, turned it on, then closed the kitchen door because for some reason the (non-peeled, still-in-net) onions spread an odour I can do without. (They never did that in the old flat! Here potatoes go off real soon, too. I'll welcome any tips - just don't suggest the cellar, that's warm, probably from heating and/or hot water coming from there.)

So, naturally(?) I forgot all about it until my nose picked up a very faint smell of kale that reminded me...

Rushing into the kitchen I found my first (in this flat) throughoughly burned meal quietly steaming away. Doused it with hot water, transfered what was still eatable to a different pot, then decided to better rinse it in a colander. Which rescued the raw food content from tasting burned, and also from tasting of anything at all. <g> Some various-seasoning-mix stuff helped with that, and it turned out fine to eat (with picking out the black bits of the sliced sausage).

Still got some left (one can is a lot for one person), so will see whether that's still good after overall 3 days. Looking forward to the chicken.
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