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-9°C is cold.
Had an appointment late afternoon today, and wondered whether to skip it. -9°C doesn't sound appealing, especially with the news saying it feels like -20°C due to the wind.

Mind, I like cold. I'm happy between -5°C and +15°C, and with snow and no wind I'm happy with less than -5°C. But snow has been evading me. Elsewhere in Germany they get 15cm. Here, earlier today I thought it'd end up an average of 1µm. By now it might just go up to 1mm. Maybe that would surprise people in Egypt or somewhere, but for here the weather has to do a lot better.

Still, -9°C is cold.

I put on some fat cream (the stuff you put on sore baby bums), rubbed it in until I did not quite look like I'm going to act in a zombie movie, then went out. (With hat and scarf and gloves and longjohns and stuff, too, of course.) The cream helped with the worst (I'm sure it took some sting out of the wind, too - I don't want to know what's it like without).

Arriving, the nice lady I had an appointment with was genuinely startled when I mentioned the -9°C. The aquaintance accompanying me had half-expected me to cancel it due to the weather, too (and fully understanding), then wondered whether I'd come by bicycle.

No. Not with that wind. I went by tram and bus and then some walking. Hated internet was actually useful in finding the right bus and bus stop. In any other weather, bicycle would probably have been faster though.

Random link to something that would have any SimCity2000 game end in ruins (aka, reality is weirder than fiction):


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