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Just food.
The problem with food that tastes really nice is... that it tastes really nice.

I'd like to eat more, but that'd take me beyond comfortably satiated, to, ultimately, uncomforably sick.


I did turn the pork bought yesterday into something interesting; mini-schnitzel (with crunchy crust).

Up until about a month ago, I would never ever even think about ruining fine pork with egg and breadcrumb coating, and until some years ago, not even buy the pre-prepared ones for lazy days. Schnitzel (pork steak) was to be left pure, fried in a naked pan with a little salt and optionally pepper. For a meal with vegs and stuff, that's still the way to go for me. (For experimenting with something new, some got a batter coating the kind you get in a Chinese restaurant, though for that I prefer chicken breast.)

About a month ago I thought that mini-schnitzel would make a nice take-to-work food (prepared the previous day), as I was throughougly bored with and absolutely uninterested in further bread-with-stuff-on. Turned out they're really nice, and serve the purpose well.

(Basically, it's pork goulash meat or schnitzel, chopped up into smaller bits, each piece seasoned with salt&pepper, coated in flour so the salt&pepper wouldn't get lost in the folling dump in stirred eggs, and finally a coat of bread crumbs is added. They're then fried in hot oil to golden-brown, or "beige to dark brown", depending on skill. <g> Personally, I think the non-uniform colour ones look better.)

I bought the pork with that in mind (minus the work - I'm off sick), so I've got something lying around that I can just pick up and eat without any trouble of preparing or just heating something (apart from the little today). I still don't feel like any earnest cooking.

Very nice indeed. I'd like to eat more than the six or seven that made my supper, but that'd surely stuff me in an unpleasant manner. I'm looking forward to more later.


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