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Random thoughts.
what now
No dinner/tea/lunch/supper yet.

There was something I wanted to say... I know there was... ... ... Oh, well. Please send any spare internal(head)RAM my way to help prevent further such lapses.

Here's the rest of the collected thoughts:

I got a call from Telekom yesterday. (Or was that earlier today? Pretty sure it was not.) Anyway, now and then they call me to ask if I don't want some better faster shinier connection, and now they've got fibre glass available in my house while I'm still on old copper cables. As usual, I told them "35 euro plus foreign calls flatrate is my limit". "Oh, you already got the special contract (5 euro off)." - "Yeah..."

Also, I've got cable TV in my rent, and don't want everything in one anyway (like, TV and phone depending on the same system). So part of their shiny new package is just useless to me (he agreed).

I did tell him that I wonder whether they might not throttle my copper cable connection to get me to move to the fibre glass (that costs more). Him: "That might come from too many people on the copper being on at the same time (plus some deeper explanation - makes some sense)." - Me: "So, they don't want your shiny new fibre glass either?" - "Er..." (I did make it sound more like a joke though, and didn't press it - no point in harrasing the nice and friendly Telekom guy.)

And I like Telekom, they've got a 0800 number for problems (not leaving you pay who knows what per minute, to wait hours until you get a real person to talk to), and fix problems fast. (Others may have different experiences, I have these.) So I'm faithful. I don't want some upstart company trying to get a foot in the market with ultra cheap prices and who knows what (missing) services. I'm a "stick to what I know" person.

I did ask him whether I can't get some special offer, being a faithful customer and all, and while it wasn't within his ability to do it, it's possible, and he told me where I can go (including finding the nearest Telekom shop) and who I can call (one of their free numbers) to ask about that. So, I'm going to do that one of these days.

Typing that now, I do wonder whether they've got a note on my file saying "might get cranky, be extra friendly", from way back when they tried to interest me in getting broadband, and I had absolutely no use whatsoever for it (personally), and loathed even the brief (necessary) connections via dialup.

(That also decided my price limit; I never got over 35 euro per month (except once), and most of the time stayed way below, for no-flatrate phone and dialup internet-by-call. It's the upper limit of what I could possibly need. The rest is extra that I can do well without. So when I moved flat last year, I thought I might as well ask about them having an offer meeting my requirements, and they had.)

More random thoughts:

Curious how many familiar names turn up here. (Familiar from Usenet, from the 10+ years I get that now. (Not using an internet access for that STILL! I tried and it just can't compete.))

Airbags for bicycles, huh. (Seen on the news.) How's that different to helmets, and how does the airbag know you just did a somersault and are going to hit the floor with your head NOW?

Everything's better with cats. (Switching through the channels for something to watch, there was a cat watching someone mix some stuff for building your own whatever. I stayed for the cat, then got bored without it and continued going through the channels.)

My, this turned out longer than intended.


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