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Writer's Block: Conversation starters
Are there any subjects you either embrace or totally avoid talking about when you meet someone new?

Yeah, I evade stating my opinion on most things. 

Because my opinion on most things is: "Everyone doing foo is a moron." while 'foo' is considered normal and accepted by pretty much everyone (because, well, they're morons and don't think). There's neither point nor gain in saying anything about it in that situation (never mind it would be to people that I'm not going to spend my free time with anyway).

Perhaps you'd never guess that I'm actually friendly and considerate to strangers, and even known people (until they are rude or inconsiderate towards me, or spout so much bullshit that I tell them they are doing just that). It's interesting to see how nice people (like staff in shops) react to even someone in not too fine clothes and some teeth missing (back before I got new for both), for just a smile and friendly manners (as well as the 2% that doesn't, and might just be in a permanently irritated mood, or just have a bad day).

As there isn't anyone I'd want to spend my free time with, most of my interactions are with 'someone new', as in staff in shops, or random people at the tram station starting a chat for whatever reason (or responding to me asking something). I guess that's my favorite interaction, even better than Usenet or online (because I learn even less about whatever quirks they have that I disagree with). They're friendly, I'm friendly, an overall pleasant experience.


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