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Mental excercises?
I once again noticed how I am less able to juggle numbers than I used to. As I can't got back 25 years to recover the ability, I am looking for alternative methods.

Three things I blame for this[*], one I can do something about. So, does anyone here have links to 'brain jogging', mental exercises?

(I've got Sudokus in paper format, but after a while they turn into mechanic following of steps, and get boring... Anything else I'm happy to look at.)


1. Natural decline. (I'm 38, huh.)
2. [Not so bright things done when younger.]
3. Lack of excercise (not the physical sort, though they lack even more).

#3 is what I want to change.

  • 1 might provide a workout, depending on what sort of level you're after.

Thanks. Sadly, that's stuff I never had in school, so I wouldn't know how to even start. That's the very stuff I would have liked to learn how to do back when I had a fresher brain[*]. :) (I looked at the top three or four in 2010 and 1983.)

For math excercises, equations with two unknown is the end of what they taught in school. :/ (They'd still be fun though, even now.)

I never made friends with text-excercises. Mixing words (not like) with maths (like) doesn't work out well. :) I know they're meant so that later you know to apply it in a practical way, but with that I'd have the problem in my head, numbers with just tags, not an essay. :)

It's very nice that you did think of something, though.

[*] (Warning, more rambling follows.)
If you now think "you could have gone and learned it some other way", I'd agree now, but back then I didn't even get the idea that that's possible (or then to go to the public library for more), never mind guessing at what else there is... (I was really like that, just meeting whatever was in front of me. I blame no support, and questions and curiosity being outright discouraged when I was a child. Took me a while to change that, much later.)

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